Personalized Repair Options

When we talk about “Personalized Repair Options” we’re talking about you the customer. Your personality and where you are in life are two big drivers behind the level of care you desire for your vehicle. We all have different expectations for the condition of our cars, we respect that individuality, and we’re flexible to tailor our preventative maintenance and repairs style to fit your style.

Some folks want everything fixed no matter what. They expect a full safety inspection at every oil change and they usually approve repairs for anything showing any trouble. We can do that.

Most folks fit somewhere in the middle; they want to know the condition of everything and like to have the safety inspections done regularly but they also like the flexibility and honest recommendations from their mechanic on what’s needing immediate repair and what’s able to wait a little while. They appreciate flexibility and the time to save up for a repair. We can do that too.

Some folks don’t want to know about little things like a small oil spot on the driveway or an abnormal noise; they only want the really broken things fixed and sometimes will call on the side of the road to have it towed in after a break down. We can do that too.

There are a lot of reasons for this variation and it’s not all about money. Your personalized repair preference is a lot about asset management. We will be your partner in the repair side of this asset management.

For instance: owners of nice or newer cars usually want to preserve the condition and value of their car and will request most if not all of the preventive scheduled services. On the other hand, the older clunker nearing the end of it’s service life probably doesn’t need a long list of coolant flushes, brake flushes, transmission service, power steering flushes, oil seep repairs or other non safety-related items. Unless you’d like to do them anyways.

We enjoy learning your style. The best part of this collaboration is us enjoying working together where we can help navigate what you should repair and what can wait. This is what we call “repair peace of mind.”

Call us to set up an appointment 515 987-9025 or click HERE to access our online service request form.

We don’t always initiate this conversation about your personalized repair options, so feel free to begin this conversation with us any time.


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