Corona Virus and COVID-19


To our valued customers and friends.

The Corona virus COVID-19 pandemic is right here in our community in Waukee and every day there are significant new developments. Here at Willard Garage we are implementing social distancing and sanitation policies for the protection of all our customers, staff, and suppliers.

All entry doors for the whole property are being sanitized daily. Common touch points in our reception service desk and waiting area are being sanitized regularly throughout each day.

Our staff is small, so we are always “a gathering of less than 10 people”, including our customers, staff, and suppliers.

We are practicing social distancing to the extent we are able and to the extent you request. We have a few different options to accomplish a touchless repair event from drop-off, payment, and pick-up. Just ask for this and we’ll give appropriate details.

We are sanitizing every vehicle prior to repair work AND at the completion of work.

Our sanitizing process treats the driver’s door outside and inside handles, armrest and surrounding areas, window and lock controls in driver’s door, radio/entertainment and climate controls, steering wheel and column controls, keys, fobs, ignition switch/button areas, rear view mirror, shift knob, center console control buttons, and the hood release lever. We will also treat any other interior surfaces that require our touching in order to accomplish related repairs. After repairs, all controls touched during service and the keys and fobs will be re-sanitized prior to delivery to you our customer.

This process protects you and our staff from infection through contact, it is not a service that will treat any other areas of the vehicle we don’t touch. If you feel the need for a complete interior sanitize, we recommend contacting a local detailing service.

IMPORTANT: If you are currently sick, please call to make arrangements for our touchless repair options and please do NOT enter our office/lobby/waiting area. We will provide details for a secure drop-off, payment, and pick-up process. We are committed to helping our friends and customers, we will get it done for you safely and without delay.

We have a limited number of appointments available each day so don’t delay calling to get your repairs scheduled.



465 SE Alices Road Suite G
Waukee, IA 50263