Your Vehicle’s Health—Engine Oil, Why it’ Important

We want to share a critical engine health topic that can be confusing and yet so simple. The life-blood of our cars is oil and other fluids, just like the blood in our veins. This has always been true, but never truer than now.
Many of today’s engines have timing chains with tensioners, variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation, and cam driven high pressure fuel pumps. These systems and others depend on a steady supply of quality oil. These systems are also the most common failure points when the oil supplied to them is compromised. Do you want to know the #1 thing that prevents major engine damage to these systems? It’s proper engine oil maintenance.
Did you know the oil level in your engine may NEVER get checked for being low? Yes, the oil level is checked at the end of most oil changes, but to check for oil consumption it would have to be checked before the oil is drained. Here are some quick basic suggestions to avoid major engine heartache.

  1. Choose the proper engine oil change interval and you can’t trust all the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.
  2. Check your oil regularly! I don’t mean just get your oil changed on time at X,000 miles, this is too long to assume that everything is ok. Check it either every other fuel fill-up or at least every 1000 miles.
  3. Choose a reputable repair shop for your scheduled oil changes; a shop that uses quality motor oil. This means full-synthetic when required, semi-synthetic for others, European spec oil for most European cars that require it, diesel spec oil for diesel engines.
  4. Finally, respect the oil change interval. After you choose a smart interval use a windshield sticker and stick with it!

Many major engine repairs we perform are a result of some form of fluid neglect. Once your oil gets so low that your vehicle is making noises and setting the Check Engine Light, it has already suffered damage.
Every vehicle fluid is critically important but engine oil is the most vital and it also happens to be the easiest fluid to monitor and protect. So check your oil, your owner’s manual will show you how, and if you have any questions about your vehicle’s fluids contact us at Willard Garage to request a personalized tutorial for your vehicle in our clean, warm, and dry shop.


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