Ignoring Check Engine Lights

Ignoring Check Engine lights:

There are a few check engine codes that aren’t a serious concern. But you’ll never know this until you have at least a quick check to see what code has tripped the light. I’ve seen a few bad results from folks ignoring their Check Engine and I’ll admit that’s rare but it’s always best to stay on top of these warnings. You’ll want to remember some of the advantages of repairing problems behind our Check Engine lights are improved fuel economy, smoother operation and protecting the expensive catalytic converter that cleans your exhaust.

Allow me to rant: do you ever notice, once in a while, a really stinky car in front of you while waiting at a red light; stinky exhaust that burns your nose? That situation could easily have started with an ignored Check Engine light due to some fuel management problem causing an over-rich condition. This killed their fuel economy and destroyed their catalytic converter by plugging it up. Finally when it wouldn’t run anymore they took it to a shop and was told the converter is plugged. Not wanting to pay for a new expensive converter, now they do the illegal repair of cutting it out, still not fixing the fuel management problem. So now their exhaust reeks, the fuel economy is still bad, and they think they have the world by the tail because they don’t have a catalytic converter on their car any more. When your check engine light comes on, bring it in to Willard Garage where we’ll tell you what’s happening and work with you to maintain your car the most cost effective way. As expensive as gas is and since deferred repairs never get cheaper with time, ignoring your check engine light will always cost you more in the end.

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