Factory Scheduled Service

Scheduled Service:

There are many items that just need to be serviced after a certain time period or number of miles in service. This is one area where we at Willard Garage will work with you to keep your car serviced and reliable for your family without just blindly guessing a service should be done just because we don’t have a record showing it was done previously.

We usually trust the factory recommended service intervals and apply real-world experience when available to adjust the interval as needed. Most of the time this applies to the factory service schedule that says “Lifetime” fluid or service on a fluid or component. We believe this is impossible and most of the time just a marketing gimmick to get people to buy the car new and then when the transmission fails at 158,000 miles due to lack of service, 95% of the time it’s a different owner and the failure may have been prevented by regular fluid service. We still recommend regular service for all fluids and components when planning long-term maintenance of your cars. It doesn’t cost very much to perform a transmission fluid flush, it costs $1500-$6000 to replace a transmission. That’s a great example of an ounce of prevention being equal to a pound of cure.

Service items you can expect to see in your cars schedule: Spark Plugs, Timing Belt, Filters, PCV valve, accessory (serpentine/fan) belts, tune-up. Flushes of these system/fluids: transmission, brakes, power steering, coolant/anti-freeze. Drain and fill of these system/fluids: differential/axle carriers, transfer case, gear box. Cleaning of these components/sensor: mass air flow sensor, idle air control valve, throttle body.

Service Schedules:

At Willard Garage, we can put together a complete schedule that includes each item that applies to your vehicle. It’s easier to understand and includes the current status of each item and when it is due next. With consistent service in our shop you’ll always know what’s been done already, what’s coming up, and you can plan ahead with your budgeting for items coming up soon. On request we can even print a report that shows all of this detail at-a-glance on a single page. Ask for our customized Willard Garage Maintenance Planning service for each of your vehicles.


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