Check Engine Lights and Diagnostics

Check Engine. This warning is always unwelcomed and sometimes ignored by some car owners. You can trust Willard Garage to perform a complete diagnostic that pinpoints the best repair for the actual failure causing the code.

There are hundreds of different codes that can cause this light to come on and for each code there are many possible root causes. Few codes will conclusively point to any particular component failure. In fact, while most codes report a parameter out of tolerance from a certain sensor, for troubleshooting purposes this fact is only a starting point in a proper diagnostic approach. In other words, just because a sensor’s data is out of tolerance doesn’t mean the sensor is bad. Engine coolant temp sensor problems can be one or more problems in these other areas: wiring, grounds, thermostat, computer, radiator, cooling fan, relays, head gasket, coolant level. Diagnostic processes at Willard Garage are a comprehensive approach to pursue the true root cause of the code, this takes time, but with our advanced diagnostic equipment it’s a more efficient process and we all avoid the wasted cost of replacing unnecessary parts that don’t repair the problem.

Most parts stores have a service of reading codes for a check engine light and will happily sell you a part related to that sensor. Once in a while this works out and in those cases it’s a cost effective way of “diagnostic” for a DIY car owner. We will work with any situation and respect any and all previous efforts to pinpoint a problem. Just remember our thorough approach at Willard Garage, we combine our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment with advanced technical training and common sense to find the root cause behind your check engine light and then perform the correct repair, the right way, the first time.


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