Axle and Driveline Repairs

Axles and Drivelines:

hese are the outer CV boots on Elly’s 1999 Acura TL, the one above is normal, the boot below is torn and needing replaced.


Axles have changed a lot over the years with new parts terminology like CV joints, boots, half-shafts, and torque steer. The cost of parts has also changed a lot since CV joints first came out. It’s now no longer cost effective for a full service shop to repair a CV joint on an axle since most axle assemblies can be purchased brand new or exchange for much less than the cost of parts and labor to overhaul an axle on our bench.

This repair is usually pretty straightforward but you want to choose your repair shop carefully. Sometimes worn ball joints or tie rod ends are bad only because the protective boot was cut during other unrelated repair work. The cut allowed water and road salts to leak into the joint and rust it out causing the premature wear/failure.

Trust Willard Garage to perform this repair carefully to protect the ball joints, bearings, transmission axle seals, brake lines, and other components that are touched during the replacement of an axle. We’re not the fastest shop, instead we take the time needed to avoid this collateral damage that causes worn components that show up weeks and months after these repairs.


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