This is a fun one to pin down and describe when asked to perform a tuneup.

This service has changed so much since the mid-seventies when points, condensers, distributors, distributors caps/rotors, and plug wires were standard but have now been replaced by computerized coil-over-plug ignition systems and electronically control fuel injection.

Today, a tune-up will be a specific recipe or mix of the some of the service items mentioned above as applicable to your specific car and how it’s designed. There are so many different types of ignition, fuel delivery, and other systems variation used in cars that it really depends on the make and model. Many times we see car owners wait until there’s a driveability issue before they ask for a tune-up, usually they could have saved with improved fuel economy by requesting this service sooner. So if your car is running good or starting to act up, it’s never too soon to ask for a tune-up; we always start with assessing the current condition, checking the status of all scheduled service items, checking some of the cars vitals with our diagnostic computer, and then recommending what if anything should be addressed.

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