Suspension and Steering

Shocks and struts, tie rod ends, springs, stabilizer bar links and bushings, ball joints, strut mounts, control arms, pitman arms, idlers, and control arm bushings. This could get even more technical pretty quickly and so most folks just have to nod their head and say yes when they get the news that this or that widget is worn out or causing uneven tire wear or preventing an alignment from being done until after the widget is replaced. So this area is one of the most important areas to be working with a shop that you trust and who would never recommend services that aren’t necessary. Some of these components are very critical to safe operation and others are not, yet most need to be in good condition to prolong tire life and allow proper and even tire wear patterns. Since there are so many components in this system and they all work together, it’s fairly normal to have one or more of these components start showing a little wear and earn their way into a repair estimate.

This is where we’re on your side and we approach every situation independently giving consideration to your standards, your budget, the condition of the tires, as well as the true safety factors that may be at risk. We honestly explain the condition of all components and what effects the worn components will have on driving and safety. When you want everything to be in normal or like new condition we’ll perform the repairs right away to keep it that way. But if you’re budget doesn’t have the room for something that isn’t necessary right now, we won’t pressure you into doing something right away or make up horror stories about accidents, injury, or death to pressure you into an immediate repair for something that can honestly be deferred. We’re like family, we want you to be safe, and we want your car repair experience to fit your needs and budget.

If you’re wondering if your car is in need of some repairs to it’s steering or suspension, give us a call or click here to request an appointment.


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